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The secretariat is a heavy position in a company. It takes time, it is repetitive, it strikes the management costs.
Choose to save time and reduce costs with the outsourcing of the secretariat: typing, letters, reports, proofreading, writing forms, mailing ... Enjoy the benefits of a secretarial service quality at lower cost.
Your benefits
Be more responsive :
• You have the personal assistance services remotely, either permanently or for a few hours per month
• Finally, you can focus on your business and your customers
• You can quickly and easily absorb additional work,
• Have a rapid response to opportunities.
Increase productivity by :
• Only the work rewarding,
• Effectively compensating for extra work,
• Reducing the costs associated with absenteeism,
• Eliminating non-value added.
Be calm :
• Meet the requirements of your customers without having to create a post
• Enjoy flexibility and availability that an employee in-house can not have,
• the use of temporary which causes the payment of an hourly rate to which the graft charges,
• No workspace or computer equipment to provide
• You rent the more time a person you are buying a result.
Be pro :
• You have a beautiful presentation of your documents, drawn on color laser
• You project a professional image,
• You present well-written documents and without mistakes.
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