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Agenda Management

Manage an agenda paper and binding makes it difficult to be used by several people
Save time, use our solution shared calendar on the Internet.
Your benefits
Be more responsive:
• You have a calendar online, permanently or for a few hours per month.
• Several people can use the calendar, it will be constantly updated.
• You can view and edit your calendar from anywhere with internet access.
• You respond immediately to an unexpected.
Increase your productivity:
• Coupled with the hotline, the agenda frees you from managing your time.
• Precisely you plan all your appointments safely.
• You can program the availability of rooms, equipment, absences.
• Withdrawals are immediately visible.
Be calm :
• The calendar is hosted on secure servers, no risk of data loss.
• The agenda is secured by access code.
• Enjoy flexibility and unparalleled availability.
• No hardware to maintain, or license to pay.
Be pro :
• Your patients can move an appointment, or be warned of its imminence.
• You project a professional image to your customers.
Delivery :
• Create your account.
• You will receive the login.
• A detailed manual can be downloaded from the agenda.
• I will assist you in discovering your calendar.
• I assure the settings according to your wishes.
• You give your instructions in real time.
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