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Case study

Comparaison of actual costs of the various call centers
A - Cost of establishment
B - Monthly cost of operation of call center
C-What can we conclude EasyCall Suite software has a very low cost of implementation and deployment, allowing the following savings. The creation of call center CINECI (tele-operators working in France) is 25 times less expensive than setting up a call center in French, and 20 times less expensive than a call center located in the Maghreb or other area of relocation. The monthly activity CINECI call center (tele-operators working in France) is three times less expensive than the monthly activity of a French call center, and 40% less expensive than the activity center Call located in North Africa or other area of relocation. therefore, this is where lies the competitive advantage of the Piiramid concept, in creating and managing your customer relations center. Furthermore, we will demonstrate our mutualisation capabilities (hence cost) and the CINECI call center operations . Assuming that you have qualified teleoperators and that you want to succeed for your interests (it may be self-contractor status, that is what we recommend in the first months of activity in your area) You can offer your customer a solution to the compensation committee, rather than appointment. Indeed, the compensation commission remains the most profitable, your client will be interested in this win-win situation for him too because it is a financial guarantee of success.
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