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A call center is a set of human resources, offices, furnitures and techniques that can handle the distance relationship between a brand and its market. These calls can be qualified "incoming", when received by customer service representatives from the center, or conversely, outgoing when issued by them. Many call centers treat both types of existing calls, according to statistics there are approximately 2,700 call centers in France and more than 28,000 people work there (2009). However, the internal business centers or located abroad account for a total of over 500,000 people working in the industry. In general, it should be noted that since the beginning of the twenty-first century, all industries rely on the use of call centers, primarily for their external relations but also to optimize their internal interactions. This is the case of internal centers of assistance (help desks) that fix problems remotely, do technical support, sales, sales support and other activities, representing about 70% of traffic in call centers. 83% of companies are highly aware of the benefits of a strategy for managing customer relationships and believe that such a strategy can respond more quickly to requests from customers and prospects, while reducing the costs (to 69% of them). Under what circumstances do we usually use a call center? As part of a seasonal activity, with peaks of activity, which need external support. When a company prefers to focus its financial and human resources to its main activity, thus, the overall management of the business to a specialized service provider.
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