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Whether you are a craftsman, tradesman, business owners or small businesses, professional services, the secretariat is a heavy position in a company. It takes time, it is repetitive, it strikes the management costs. Save money by entrusting us with invoices, quotes, correspondence, minutes, notices, Excel spreadsheets, databases, translations, etc..


First impressions often as defined by your company is related to the helpline. Give yourself the assurance that this impression is good! Do not be disturbed while you work, you are away quietly. Whatever your industry, Trade, Industrial, Service, your profession, doctor, law firm, accounting, architects, consultants or other professional services, ensure a professional and friendly telephone service .

Agenda Management

Health professionals spend much time on the phone, often to make an appointment. Because you have better things to do, I suggest a telephone hotline and calendaring: by entrusting a specialized part of your workload, you exercise the mind free. Whatever your specialty (gynecologist, dermatologist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, general practitioner, osteopath, dentist) make sure a personalized TV secretariat.

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